The 28th Congress 2021 Winners

The Prize was awarded to:

Matheus de França Perazzo (Peru) for the project entitled “Collective Actions Internship Program: changing dental students’ perception of public oral health care”. 

The Finalist Prizes were awarded to:

Indira MD (India) for the project entitled “Baby Oral Health Promotion Centre”. 

Gabriela Sá (Brazil) for the project entitled “Teledentistry in times of COVID-19: New Oral Health Care Approach for Early Child Bright Smile ”.

The Prize was awarded to Ailin Cabrera Matta (Peru) for the paper entitled “Developmental Enamel Defects in HIV-Uninfected Children Prenatally Exposed To Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy”.

The Prize was awarded to Karishma Bhatia (UK) for the paper entitled “Has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected the incidence of Paediatric Intra-Oral and Dental Trauma presenting through the Emergency Department?”.

The Prize for best Research Poster was awarded to Thais Parisotto (Brazil) for the paper entitled “Infants` oral hygiene in the edentulous/teething stage and its influence over the cariogenic microbiota”. 

The Prize for best clinical Case Report was awarded to Tayaba Silotry (India) for the paper entitled “Internal root resorption: Is extraction always only choice?? Dental management with 3 year old child with isolated Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida: 24 month follow up.”. 

The Prize for best Case Report was awarded to Isabelle Lim (Ireland) for the paper entitled “Restoration of a first permanent molar with a deep carious lesion using the Hall technique following SDF application in an 8 year old with hypodontia.”.

The Prize for best Research Poster was awarded to Isabel Olegario (Ireland) for the paper entitled “Does rubber dam isolation increase the survival of composite restoration in primary molars? A 2-year cost-effectiveness analysis of a Randomised Clinical Trial”.

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