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Bursaries & Awards

Bursaries & Awards


There are several prizes and travel bursaries available for IAPD members during the biennial congresses. 

Please note that you can ONLY SUBMIT ONE ABSTRACT/ESSAY/PROJECT for consideration for any ONE bursary or award. If there are multiple awards or bursaries of interest to you, please choose only the most applicable one.

For more information please contact the IAPD Secretariat:

Email: [email protected]


Bright Smiles Bright, Futures Award

Awarded to the best community education program submitted, sponsored by Colgate.

Dr Sam Harris Travel Bursaries

Three bursaries will be available for the IAPD biennial Congress. Preference is given to applicants with an abstract submitted/accepted for the Congress, persons who have not received a bursary previously and those from less wealthy nations.

Jens Andreasen

In honour of Prof Jens Andreasen
funded from IAPD general account acquired from the Andreasen pre-Congress lectures.
Biennial award, that is presented for the best poster on dental traumatology in children.

Nu Smile Restorative Dentistry
Case Report & Research

Presented oat the IAPD Congress for both the best poster of a case report and research report on any in the field of pediatric restorative dentistry. Sponsored by Nu Smile.

Morita Award
Case Report & Research

Presented at the IAPD Congress for both the best poster of a case report & research report on any clinical topic. Sponsored by the Morita Corporation

Paediatric Dentistry
Working Group
Travel Bursaries

Two travel bursaries will be available for the IAPD Biennial Congress. Funding for the bursaries comes from direct funding by the Paediatric Dentistry Working Group in Africa.

JSPD Award

These travel awards were first presented at the IAPD Global Summit in Bangkok, Thailand 2018.

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