Morita Award | Case Report & Research

Morita Award | Case Report & Research Report


These two Awards are presented on alternate years at the IAPD Congress for the best poster of a Case Report on any clinical topic and the best poster of Research on any clinical topic.
The value of each Award is US$ 1000 (one thousand dollars).


Each Prize is Valued at: USD 1000


This award will be presented at the 29th IAPD Congress from 14-17 June 2023 in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Please note that you can ONLY SUBMIT ONE ABSTRACT/ESSAY/PROJECT for consideration for any ONE bursary or award. If there are multiple awards or bursaries of interest to you, please choose only the most applicable one.



1. The Award is open to all current members of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry. In case of joint authorship, at least one applicant must be a current IAPD member.

2. Registration to the congress is a requirement for all Award entries.

3. One Award will be presented for the most meritorious poster of research on any clinical topic and one Award will be presented for the most meritorious poster of a case report on any clinical topic. Both Awards will be judged by an international panel of adjudicators.

4. The posters should be based on original and previously unpublished work and may be presented under joint authorship.

5. All abstracts will be evaluated in advance by the allocated judges to select the finalists.

6. All finalists will be required to give a live 5-minute oral presentation to the judges at the Congress in Maastricht in June 2023, followed by a 5-minute question and answer session. 

7. Presentation of a certificate to the winner is made at the Closing Ceremony by the representative of the Morita Corporation / the Awards Committee Chair and the winner is required to participate in the ceremony (29th IAPD Congress, Maastricht, the Netherlands, June 2023).

8. The International Association of Paediatric Dentistry reserves the right of publication of the winning posters.

9. Applications will take place on the IAPD Congress website

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