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The IAPD is proudly non-profit and as the Global Voice for Children’s Oral Health, one of our aims is to support dentists in less fortunate countries.

This is a donation toward the IAPD Educational Fund. By donating you support educational activities, membership fees for less wealthy nations, registration for participants at IAPD activities, and other educational activities aligned with IAPD’s goal.

Together, we can support education for dentists in less fortunate situations.

A List of donors will be published at the end of every year on the IAPD’s website.

If you need further information or assistance, contact the IAPD Secretariat at [email protected].

I am currently planning to continue to give back this way, whether it’s a sponsorship for IAPD membership or for attendance to one of their conferences.  With little effort we can make a significant difference in the career and life of our fellow dentists. Click here, to read more about this story...

Matt Fisher, DMD, MS

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"First of all I am very much thankful for IAPD for organising the program and my sincere thank you goes to Dr Fisher and Dr Kim for the donation. Thank you for the generous help. It means a lot to me and also for all the young paediatric dentist like us. It truly makes a difference and I will be forever grateful."
"The IAPD membership we received meant a lot to me and other members of our country who received it. I am very grateful to Dr. Matthew Fisher and Dr. Young J Kim. Because of the membership I am able to access its scientific journal and webinars for these two years. I get connected with IAPD and Pediatric Dentists all over the world. These are really helpful for my academics. I could also apply for the award for the presentation since a member can only do it."

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