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Note that by applying for the IAPD Fellowship examination:

1. The candidate gives consent to IAPD to process his/her personal data exclusively related to the organization of the given examination, determination of the examination result, maintenance of registry of successful/unsuccessful examination attempts, but also for statistical purposes and research.

2. In addition to the above article, IAPD may share necessary personal data of the candidates with the provider of examination results and statistics, who cannot share these personal data with any other third party unless written consent from IAPD and the candidate is given.

3. All examination results are stored electronically within the IAPD for further statistical analysis and research.

4. Completing the IAPD Fellowship Application process and submitting your payment implies that you agree with the Terms and Conditions published on our website. Revisit them here:

5. Read the Important Instructions below to help you prepare for the online exam environment.

Before you begin, prepare the following documents:

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You need to meet the following criteria to apply for the Fellowship Exam:

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