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National Society Membership

Join Our Multi-Cultural Family

National Societies represent the practice of Paediatric Dentistry of their country. National Societies’  representatives are members of the Council of the IAPD and participate in all decisions of the Association.

National Society Membership

IAPD has 78 National Member Societies from all continents, representing over 20,000 dentists working with children, adolescents and patients with special needs worldwide.

Be part of the largest international body of Paediatric Dentistry and join us now to give the children of the world a future full of bright smiles!

National Member Societies’ representatives  have the opportunity to interact and network, raise awareness on issues regarding Paediatric Dentistry, improve education and clinical practice in their region. 

Each country can be represented only by one Society.


National Societies' Benefits

  • National Societies represent the practice of Paediatric Dentistry of their country
  • National Member Society representatives can attend IAPD Council meetings and Networking meetings
  • National societies can apply for educational workshops, regional meetings and TTEW programs to be held in their country
  • National Memeber Society representatives vote on important issues related to the function and leadership of the Association

Interested in Joining the IAPD Family?

Fill out the National Society Membership Application Form below. We will verify that you are a current individual member before proceeding to review your society’s application. Please have your the society constitution, list of officers and logo at hand to upload at the end of the form.

Alternatively, click on the button below to download the National Society Membership Application Form and send it to the IAPD Secretariat at [email protected] accompanied by the society constitution, list of officers and logo (if applicable).

After receiving your application, the IAPD Secretariat will contact you if any further information is needed to proceed. 

The Secretary General will review and present the new application at the first Board of Directors Meeting following your application.

If the Board votes in favor of your application, the society will achieve Interim National Society Membership* which will enables the society to apply for regional meetings and Teach the Teachers’ Educational Workshops.


*The society will only be an official member after the International Council votes to accept or reject the Board of Directors’ recommendation at the next council meeting.The next council meeting will be held in 2021, the Netherlands. Until then, the society will not be required to pay National Society Member dues.

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