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The IAPD Exam will take place online every second year (coinciding with the IAPD Congress). The next two congresses are scheduled for 2025 (Cape Town, South Africa) and 2027 (Osaka, Japan).

Yes, the webinar recording is accessible to all, and you can view it here. Viewing the recording requires registration.

The IAPD Fellowship is an endorsement that you could add to your title. It demonstrates your commitment to continuing professional development to colleagues and patients. Passing the exam validates your knowledge in contemporary paediatric dentistry.

The IAPD Fellowship certificate is valid for 5 years, at which point a renewal process would need to be completed (i.e., a study module of updates in paediatric dentistry with an accompanying quiz) however there will be no requirement to take the fellowship exam again if the maintenance program is completed. In addition, throughout the 5 years a maintenance program which includes providing proof of annual continuing education, maintenance fee and active IAPD membership. Those that do not comply yearly with the maintenance requirements will need to sit again for the fellowship exam if they wish to extend their certificate.

No, if you don’t provide the documents requested in the application form, the application will not be successfully processed.

No, new IAPD members can also apply for the fellowship, if you meet all other criteria. It is compulsory to be a member in good standing to be an IAPD Fellow (even after the exam).

The continuing education hours should have been obtained in the 24 months prior to your Fellowship application. This includes attending/presenting at local, regional, or international Paediatric Dentistry meetings, reviewing publications, publishing articles, or delivering lectures. You’ll need proof of accumulating 15 continuing education credits annually for two consecutive years in topics relevant to paediatric dentistry.

You may retake the exam at the next time it is given. However, you will need to reapply and pay the examination fee.

The congress organizer of the applicable congress should have furnished you with a certificate of attendance after the Congress. IAPD members can login to the member area to obtain e-certificates for any lecture and/or IAPD webinar available in the IAPD video lecture centre (2019 onwards). This provision was made by IAPD for the first exam only. 

This will be determined by an external independent psychometric expert. After the examination, all answers will be sent to an independent partnering institution for results evaluation and statistical analysis to determine the passing grade.

The examination is based on, but not limited to the IAPD Foundational Articles and Consensus Recommendations (free resource, developed by the IAPD Science Committee: Articles published at IJPD can be accessed by the IAPD website once you are and IAPD member.

A post graduate student can apply to this exam if he or she has accumulated three years of experience focusing on treatment of children.

The certificate may be used if it is accompanied by documentation of the hours  and or credits  verified by the certificate provider.

Letters must be addressed by two paediatric dentists, academicians or not.

Yes, certificate of previous IAPD webinars available on the IAPD website are valid. The IAPD made this provision for the first exam only to assist those who could not attend events (due to the pandemic)/accumulate CE credits in the past 12 months. 

The first exam will be conducted in English only. In the future we might be able to offer in different languages. 

Yes, you can join the IAPD today and then apply for the fellowship, if you meet all the application criteria.

No, this is a new exam and hence there are no past papers.

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