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Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the IAPD: History Wall

We would like to take you on a journey through time. Take a look at our special History Wall that commemorated the IAPD Golden Jubilee during the 2019 Congress that took place in Cancun, Mexico.  

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History of the IAPD

The International Association of Paediatric Dentistry (IAPD) was founded in 1969, under the name   “International Association of  Dentistry for Children”. It started with a  membership of 11 national societies and a supporting membership of 270 pediatric dentists, which has grown to 72 national societies and over 3000 members today. 


It was during the Kyoto Congress in 1991 that IADC changed its name adopting the title “International Association of Paediatric Dentistry”.


The aim of the Association was to act as an International Forum for certified pediatric dentists and general dental practitioners with an interest in treating children. 


Since that time the members and worldwide influence of the Association have expanded so that now, through its national societies it represents over 15,000 dentists.

Did you know...


Between 1994 and 1997, Dr. S. Gelbier published a series of ten articles on history of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry.

Even before the International Association of Dentistry for Children (IADC) was established, the first international symposium on Child Dental Health had been held in London, in April 1967.

Meeting of the International Forum on Children’s Dentistry and founding of the International Association of Dentistry for Children, June 1969


"It is a remarkable testament to those men and women who, over the years,
have worked hard to found organization for children's dentists to meet and improve
their knowledge and skills, so that better care can be provided for their young patients."
Dr. Stanley Gelbier
King’s College School of Medicine and Dentistry, England

Past Presidents of the IAPD

2017Dr Anna Maria VierrouGreece
2015Dr Anthony Tzong-Ping TsaiTaiwan
2013Dr Jorge Luis CastilloPeru
2011Dr Eduardo AlcainoAustralia
2009Professor Mark HectorUK
2007Professor Anna FuksIsrael
2005Professor Lisa PapagiannoulisGreece
2003Professor Hugo FurzeArgentina
2001Dr Barry ScheerUK
1999Dr Richard P. WidmerAustralia
1997Dr Donald KohnUSA
1995Dr Anna-Lena HallonstenDenmark
1993Professor Sadahiro YoshidaJapan
1991Dr Elisha D. Ben-ZurSwitzerland
1989Dr Franklin PulverCanada
1987Dr Raymond K. PaulyCosta Rica
1985Dr Roger K. HallAustralia
1983Dr Ludwig RindererSwitzerland
1981Professor Pal TothHungary
1979Professor Manuel M. AlbumUSA
1977Dr Haim SarnatIsrael
1975Dr Michel SchoukerFrance
1973Professor Sergio FiorentiniItaly
1971Professor Erik KislingDenmark
1969Professor Arvid SyrristSweden

Past Secretary Generals of the IAPD

2011-2015Associate Professor Joseph ChanHong Kong
1999-2011Professor Gerald Z. WrightCanada
1997-99Professor Goran DahloffSweden
1990-97Professor Mark HectorUnited Kingdom
1987-90Professor Alan H. BrookUnited Kingdom
1979-87Professor John J. MurrayUnited Kingdom
1973-79Professor Gerald B. WinterUnited Kingdom
1969-73Professor David S. BermanUnited Kingdom

List of IAPD Honorary Members

The Constitution of the IAPD allows the Association to confer Honorary Membership on a small number of distinguished people who have made “extraordinary contributions” to realize the objectives of the Association. 


The decision is conferred by the Council on a two-thirds majority of people present and voting. Here we provide a list of of the men and women whose outstanding contributions to paediatric dentistry have been so acknowledged.


Paediatric dentistry has much for which to thank these remarkable individuals.

2019Professor Mark P. HectorUK
2017Professor Milton HouptUSA
2017Professor Göran KochSweden
2015Professor Lisa PapagiannoulisGreece
2015Professor Gerald WrightCanada
2015Professor Anna FuksIsrael
2007Dr. Anna Lena HallonstenDenmark
1999Professor Sadahiro YoshidaJapan
1996Dr. Reg AndlawUK
1993Dr. Roger HallAustralia
1989Dr. Samuel D. HarrisUSA
1983Professor Pal TothHungary
1983Dr. Manuel M. AlbumUSA
1981Dr. Haim SarnatIsrael
1979Professor Gerald WinterUK
1977Dr. M. SchoukerFrance
1975Professor Erik KislingDenmark
1973Professor Sergio FiorentiniItaly
1971Professor David S. BermanUK
1971Professor Arvid SyrristSweden

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