About the Fellowship


To advance knowledge of Paediatric Dentistry worldwide and to inspire a lifetime pursuit of learning to improve child oral health.


Advancing children’s oral health by conferring fellowship to qualified dentists who meet standards of excellence and are committed to continuous learning and improvement.

About The IAPD Fellowship:

The IAPD Fellowship is a highly respected program that targets pediatric and general dentists committed to serving children globally. The program signifies that the Fellow possesses cutting-edge, internationally recognized knowledge of pediatric dentistry and remains dedicated to continuous professional development and the field’s advancement.

The Fellowship is administered and governed by a professional, independent examination committee. A dedicated team of pediatric dentists and researchers from around the world worked tirelessly to ensure that successful candidates demonstrate not only a comprehensive understanding of scientific, biological, and clinical principles but also the skills to apply that knowledge effectively.

Becoming an IAPD Fellow allows you to use the postnominal letters FIAPD after your name, signifying your exceptional expertise in pediatric dentistry. The program is designed to promote excellence in the field and foster international collaboration by encouraging ongoing learning and knowledge renewal.



Fellows may promote their status by using direct association with their names, 

Fellow of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry

or the initials,


The Fellowship Examination

The exam is one of the essential prerequisites for obtaining the IAPD Fellowship. It evaluates the candidates’ contemporary knowledge of pediatric dentistry, based on current literature and the IAPD Foundational Articles and Consensus Recommendations, a valuable resource freely available on the IAPD website.

On April 25th 2023, the IAPD hosted the initial qualifying exam for this esteemed program.

The next examination takes place on April 22nd 2025.


How to become a Fellow of IAPD

The preparation process for the IAPD Fellowship is an exciting journey. After obtaining a dental license and gaining practical experience, applicants must build a portfolio of 30 continuing education credits over 24 months (15 CE credits annually) by attending pediatric dentistry-related events, presenting lectures, reviewing publications, etc. 

Finally, candidates must pass the qualifying exam.

Once inducted, the renewal process for the Fellowship is ongoing and continuous. Fellows must demonstrate evidence of an active dental license and annually accumulate Continuing Education (CE) hours, submitting the necessary documentation to keep their Fellowship status current.


Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Many countries mandate Continuing Education (CE) for dental professionals as a prerequisite to maintaining their licenses. Local authorities typically regulate the specific licensure requirements / number of credits required per year. The aim of continuing education (CE) is to foster competence and professionalism throughout a paediatric dentist’s career. Practice enhancement and professional advancement constitute integral components of CE’s overarching objectives.

The acquisition of continuing education credits can be done in various ways, such as participating in courses or scientific events. Additionally, credits can be earned through contributions to your academic career, such as publishing or reviewing an article or textbook chapter.

For activities to qualify for credit, they must have significant intellectual and/or practical content relevant to paediatric dentistry.

The framework below provides insight into how CE credits are calculated in the Fellowship application:

1 Credit

Manuscript Review (per review)

1 Credit per hour

Lecturing in a Dental School: Regular/Specialized Course 

  • 4+ days/week  = 10 hours
  • 2-3 days/week = 4 hours
  • <2 days/week = 2 hours

Participation at a Paediatric dentistry related event (per hour), including:

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Congresses/Summits

2 Credits per hour

Contributing author of a peer reviewed, published article

Contributing author of a textbook chapter

Presenting at Paediatric dentistry related event (per hour), including:

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Congresses/Summits

4 Credits per hour

Primary Author of a peer reviewed published article

Primary Author of a textbook chapter

Fellowship Landmarks

To achieve the IAPD Fellowship the following requirements have to be met:


from a dental school recognized by the appropriate authorities of the country of the applicant.


current professional member in good standing of the IAPD.


of a valid, unrestricted state license to practice dentistry, or equivalent.


that you accumulated 15 Continuing Education Hours (CE Credits) annually during the past 24 months. This includes attending local, regional, or international Paediatric Dentistry meetings, reviewing publications, publishing articles, or delivering lectures.


practicing exclusively or with a significant emphasis in paediatric dentistry for at least 3 years.


completion of the Fellowship examination covering comprehensive oral health care for infants, children, adolescents and special needs.


to life-long continuing education.


The IAPD Fellowship Online Examination is designed to test knowledge and form part of the overall assessment of training.

Applications close:

The exam will take place online:

28 March 2025

22 April 2025

The 2024-2025 Exam Committee, Section Heads and Collaborators will be Announced April 2024

We Express a heartfelt thanks to the IAPD Fellowship Committee & Dedicated Volunteers of 2021-2023


Marcelo Bönecker

IAPD Past President, Chair of the Fellowship Committee


Jorge Castillo

Jorge Castillo

IAPD Immediate Past President


Dr. Anna Maria Vierrou

Interim Secretary General



Norman Tinanoff




Virinder Goyal

IAPD Chair, Education Committee


The IAPD Fellowship Committee would like to thank and acknowledge the expertise and input of the following Section Heads who have made this examination possible.

Examination Section Heads


Kaaren Vargas

Chair of the Examination Committee/ Restorative Dentistry/ Pulp Therapy


Anja Heilmann

Head of Section: Prevention 



Catherine Hong

Head of Section: Special Health Care Needs



Daniela R. Silva

Head of Section: Restorative Dentistry 



Evelina Hristova Kratunova

Head of Section: Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine, Oral Radiography



Janice Townsend

Head of Section: Behaviour Guidance


Jorge Castillo

Jorge Castillo

Head of Section: Growth and Development


Anne O'Connell

Head of Section: Pulp Therapy/ Orofacial Trauma and Oral Surgery



The IAPD Fellowship Committee would like to thank and acknowledge the expertise and input of the following collaborators and question writers who made this examination possible.

Behaviour Guidance

Ehsan Azadani

Assistant Professor – Pediatric Dentistry The Ohio State University | Nationwide Children’s Hospital (USA)

Erin L. Gross

Assistant Professor-Clinical College of Dentistry Division of Pediatric Dentistry The Ohio State University (USA)

Beau D. Meyer

Assistant Professor College of Dentistry Division of Pediatric Dentistry The Ohio State University (USA)

Special Needs and Paediatric Medicine

Yee Ruixiang

Consultant KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, (Singapore)

Ninna Estrella Yuson

Consultant at the Department of Paediatric Dentistry, Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide (Australia)


Growth and Development

Carlos Flores Mir

Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry – Dentistry Dept, University of Alberta (Canada)

Emery Alvarez

Director de Postgrado em Odontopediatria
Universidad CES- Medellin (Colombia)

Sara Arcari

University of Bologna

Population Oral Health (Public/Community Dentistry)

Richard D Holmes

School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University (UK)

Michelle Stennett

Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London (UK)

Renato Venturelli

Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London (UK)

Restorative Dentistry and Treatment Planning

Chanel McCreedy

School of Dental Sciences, Former Pre-Doctoral Director, Pediatric Dentistry, UCLA School of Dentistry, Northern Board Director, California Society Pediatric Dentistry, Private Practice, San Jose (USA)

Dental and Oral Trauma

Rona Leith

Assistant Professor, Pediatric Dentistry, Trinity College, University of Dublin (Ireland)

Sahar Alrayyes

Clinical Professor, Pediatric Dentistry, UIC College of Dentistry (USA)

Brittaney Hill

Clinical Assistant Professor, UIC College of Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry (USA)

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