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How to Bid for Future IAPD Congress

How to Bid for Future IAPD Congress

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How to Bid for a Future Congress

A ‘bid` for a future IAPD Congress shall be subject to and carried out according to the IAPD Congress Guidelines (2019).

Bids are normally submitted and considered by IAPD Board and Congress Site Selection Committee two congresses in advance. The Secretary General of the IAPD sends the “Invitation to Bid” letters to all National Member Societies approximately 12 months before the upcoming Congress. A notice will also be placed on the IAPD website and in the Newsletter.

Bid to Host the 30th Congress of IAPD (2025) Now!

IAPD National Member Societies are Invited to Bid to Host the 30th Congress of IAPD

For your information, a summary of the process of bidding to host an IAPD Congress is as follows:

  • The National Association sends a ‘letter of intent to bid’ to the Secretary-General, no later than December 9th, 2020.
  • The National Member Society will then receive a copy of the IAPD Congress Guidelines from the Secretariat, together with copies of the IAPD Constitution, By-Laws and Standing Orders and the closing date for bids. It is important that these documents are studied carefully by the President, Secretary and Council Committee of the National Member Society (and later by the appointed Congress Chairperson and Members of the Organizing Committee). 
  • The National Member Society prepares and submits its bid to the Secretary-General of IAPD in the approved format, with a copy to the Chairman of the CSS&C Committee. The deadline for the reception of Bids by the Secretariat is March 9th, 2021.
  • On acceptance of the completed bid by the Chair of the CSS&C Committee, the National Member Society Secretary and Treasurer will be required to sign a statement that they have read, and accept the terms and conditions of payment of the per capita levy to the Board as is detailed in the IAPD Congress Guidelines.
  • The Chair of CSS&C Committee assesses the bid and if complete passes this on to the CSS&C committee for their assessment.
    Should there be any incomplete or missing information the Committee Chair will contact you and suggest changes or improvements which could or should be made to the bid documents.
  • You will then submit the updated bid documents which will be reassessed as above and, when satisfactory, passed to the other CSS&C Committee members.
  • Once the Bid has been accepted you will be notified by the Secretariat on the date and time at which you will be required to personally present the Bid to the Chair and Members of the CSS&C Committee. 
  • The presentation date will be on Monday June 7th, 2021 in Maastricht, Netherlands.
  • The presentation must be made by the Chair of the Congress assisted by another high officer of the proposed LOC and by the PCO representative. Any additional officers are also welcome.
  • The CSS&C Chair presents to the Board of IAPD the decision of the committee. If the decision is ratified by the Board, the successful National Member Society will be notified accordingly by the IAPD Secretary General.
  • The chair of the selected Congress bid will then present it to the Council members on the next day (Wednesday)
  • It is the Council of IAPD that makes the final decision on the winning bid recommended by the CSS&C committee and endorsed by the IAPD Board. The decision is ratified by a majority vote of delegates attending the Council Meeting.
  • The Chair of the selected bid will then be required to sign a general and financial agreement with the Secretary General and the Chair of the Congress Site Selection and Coordination Committee of IAPD on behalf of the board of Directors, immediately following ratification of appointment by the Council.
  • The Chair of the CSS&C Committee will keep in close contact with the Chair of the congress and act as a coordinator between the Organizing Committee of the Host National Member Society and the Board of Directors of IAPD.
  • Regular verbal and written reports will be required from the Host Nation Organising Committee to be presented to the Board.
  • At the Interim Board Meeting held in the year before the Congress, the Chair and/or the Secretary General of the Organising Committee must be available to present in person to the Board of Directors a detailed report of all details and matters relating to the forthcoming Congress.

We do hope that your Society will consider bidding to host the 30th Congress of our Association.

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