Japanese Society of Paediatric Dentistry Award

The JSPD Travel Award for Young Researchers from Developing Countries


Young researchers travelling to the IAPD Global Summit from Developing Countries (as defined by the World Bank) are invited to submit their poster presentation to be in line for the prestigious Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry Travel Award. 

If you fit the criteria and wish to apply for the JSPD award, please follow these two steps:

1. Submit your abstract online on the Summit Website

2. When you have completed step one, send the application form to the IAPD Secretariat at [email protected]

Please read the Rules of the JSPD Award carefully.

Email: [email protected]


Travel Awards Are Valued at:
up to 4,0000 JPN Each


These awards are administered for the IAPD 2nd Global Summit in Rome, Italy 11- 13 November 2022.

Congress Secretariat Email: [email protected]

Global Summit Website:


Aim of the Award

The Award is aimed at researchers in pediatric dentistry requesting to present their work and gain insight from their peers in the field. The Award will facilitate their attendance at the IAPD Global Summit Meeting and/or Biennial Congress.


Email: [email protected] for more information.



  • Be a current IAPD member
  • Citizen of a developing country as defined by World Bank (Low income countries or Lower middle income countries). See the list of countries here.
  • Postgraduate student or postdoctoral-level researcher or dentist working in the field of paediatric dentistry.
  • Be no older than 40 on 1st January of the year of the meeting
  • Perform clinical or scientific research in the field of paediatric dentistry
  • Submit a research essay and abstract for poster presentation at the conference
  • Supportive letter from the Supervisor (optional)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Provide a blog post summarizing the meeting and their experience at the event.
  • Complete the application in full.

Information for Applicants

Current IAPD members are eligible to apply for the Travel Award of up to 400,000 JPN that are awarded by IAPD for its IAPD Global Summit Meeting and/or Biennial Congress. Funding for the Awards comes from the fund established by the Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry (JSPD).

Travel awards are given based upon need, significance of the research, level of participation in the Meeting, and whether or not an individual has received an award before.

Applicants should write to the IAPD Secretariat stating how the Award would be particularly helpful to them.

Each application should be accompanied by a short Curriculum Vitae, a copy of the abstract for poster presentation and a research essay to be submitted to the Meeting and a letter of support from a supervisor (optional).

Applications will be accepted up to the date of the deadline of the submission of abstracts for that Meeting.

Applicants are not eligible for another prize at the Meetings



The Awards Committee will take into account mainly the short research essay (type of study; objectives; material and methods, results and conclusion), curriculum vitae (candidate’s articles published, poster presentations in other Meetings, etc) and the need for the Award reimbursement.


1. Up to 2 awards of up to 400,000 JPN each (airfare, four nights accommodation and registration) will be available for IAPD Summit Meeting depending on the Secretary General and President’s decision based on the recommendations of the Awards Committee.

2. The number of the awards at each Meeting should be publicized in the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry before the Meeting, and on both the IAPD and the Meeting websites.

3. Applicants must submit their abstracts, research essay and curriculum vitae via the Meeting website, following all necessary steps required.

4. Deadline for the submission of the abstracts, research essay and curriculum vitae is the deadline of the abstracts of the Meeting.

5. The IAPD secretariat forward to the members of the Awards Committee the applications for the travel awards.

6. The Awards Committee will rank the applicants submissions based on: the short research essay (type of study; objectives; material and methods, results and conclusion) the need and curriculum vitae based on articles published, poster presentations in other Meetings, etc. The Awards Committee members should base their selection on the scientific value of the work presented by the applicant and on his/her contribution to the IAPD development.

7. The Awards are decided four months prior to the Meeting so as to help the winners cover their expenses to attend the meeting.

8. The early registration fee of the Meeting will apply for the winners of the JSPD Travel Awards.

9. Winners will be asked to acknowledge on their presentation that they were supported by an IAPD Award.

10. A certificate will be awarded to the winners at the closing ceremony.

11. Payment will be done to the awardees after the Meeting by wire transfer upon receipt of bank details.

12. Any other matter or situation not considered in these RULES will be EXCLUSIVELY DECIDED UPON BY THE Awards Committee. Final decisions on the awards will be made by the Awards Committee. A JSPD representative shall join the Awards Committee for deliberation and selection decision.



Email: [email protected] for more information.


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