New Orleans Congress 2003 Winners

The Prize was awarded to Dr Shobha Tandon and given at the Opening Ceremony by Dr. Marsha Butler. The prize was received by a co-author Dr. Kunal Gupta.

Was unanimously awarded to the paper: Defective Enamel Ultrastructure in Diabetic Rodents, by Dr. Michael Atar. The prize was accepted by Dr. Mark Hector.

Prognostic factors for Tooth Survival Following Avulsion and Replantation. By Dr. K. Humphreys.

It was decided to divide the award and have two winners. The co-winners are: Dr. P. Pungchanchailkul, with the poster entitled Expression profile of Genes Involved in Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition during Mouse Plate Fusion in vivo and in vitro. Dr. A.S. Van Hamme, with the poster entitled Evaluation of the He-Ne Laser Therapy in Prevention of Chemotherapy Induced Oral Mucositis Lesions in Children.

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