Cancun Congress 2019 Winners

The Prize was awarded to:

Andreas Agouropoulos (Greece) for the project entitled “Healthy Smile, Happy Child: An Oral Health Promotion Program for Preschool Children”. 

The Finalist Prizes were awarded to:

Annapurny Venkiteswaran (Malaysia) for the project entitled “Dental Trauma: Empowering School Teachers”. 

Krishan Gauba (India) for the project entitled “Imparting Oral Health Education to 6-16 Year-Old Hearing Impaired Children: A Comparison of Three Communication Approaches”.

Mridula Goswami (India) for the project entitled “Oral Health Education Program on Oral Health Status of Visually Impaired Children”.

The Prize was awarded to Lucas Abreu (Brazil) for the paper entitled “Impact of orthodontic treatment among adolescents on families’ quality of life: a cohort of parents/caregivers of treated and untreated individuals”.

The Prizes were awarded to:

Yewande Adeyemo (Nigeria) for the paper entitled “Do Prematurity and Primogeneity Influence the Introduction of Processed Foods Containing Sucrose in Infants Diet? Traumatic dental injuries and its effects on quality of life in 12 to 15 year old children in Ibadan, Nigeria” 

Gabriela Silva (Brazil) for the paper entitled “Management of cavitated caries lesion with possible pulp involvement in primary teeth”

The Prize was awarded to Nitesh Tewari (India) for the paper entitled “Comparative evaluation of fracture resistance using two rehydration protocols for fragment reattachment in crown fractures: in-vitro study using bovine-teeth”.

The Prize for best Research Poster was awarded to Phoebe Pui Ying Lam (China) for the paper entitled “Dental radiographic age assessment methods for living individuals”. 

The Prize for best clinical Case Report was awarded to Chia-En-Tsai (Taiwan) for the paper entitled “A case series of surgical repositioning in managing inverted impacted incisors of young patients”. 

The Prize for best Case Report was awarded to Alix Maria Gregory Sawaya de Castro (Brazil) for the paper entitled “Treatment modalities of molar-incisor hypomineralization and the impact on oral health-related quality of life: a case report”.

The Prize for best Research Poster was awarded to Mirja Möhn (Germany) for the paper entitled “Abrasion of prefabricated molar crowns in primary dentition”.

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