Seoul Congress 2013 Winners

The Prize was awarded to Dr Eva Hung (Hong Kong) for the paper entitled “Brighter Smiles for the New Generation (BSNG) – a program to promote oral health habits of kindergarten children”.

The Prize was awarded to Dr Donald Chi (USA) for the paper entitled “Dental caries prevalence in children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis: a qualitative systematic review and future research priorities”.

The Prize was awarded to Dr. Kalia Periasamy (Malaysia) for the paper entitled “Management of severe extrusive luxation with surgical repositiong and splinting: case reports”.

The Prize for Research Poster was awarded to Dr Seiko Yamamoto (Japan) for the paper entitled “Therapeutic effect of hard tissue by lentiviral gene therapy for hypophosphatasia”.

The Prize for Case Report was awarded to Dr Ga Young Shin (Korea) for the paper entitled “Pulp revascularization of immature teeth with dens invaginatus and necrotic pulp tissue: case report”.


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