A Message from the Local Organizing Committee of IAPD 2023, Maastricht

A Message from the Local Organizing Committee of IAPD 2023, Maastricht

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
The world is facing bizarre circumstances nowadays. COVID-19 has taken over global policies; human health is at risk; social distancing and other tight regulations are restraining daily life; economic crises are approaching many communities…
Countries are locking down and the world’s map is coloring yellow, orange and red alternately everyday.
Though basically, we love to color the world up in ORANGE we rather see the globe turning to an overall GREEN color soon…
We were looking very much forward and ready to host you in June 2021 in Maastricht for the 28th IAPD Congress. However, due to the unprecedented situation that everybody around the globe is facing right now, we decided, in consultation with the board of the IAPD that postponing the congress would be the best for everybody. The Local Organizing Committee of the 29th Congress (South Africa) was willing to cooperate and postpone their edition as well.
According to our opinion, we should give EVERYBODY around the Pediatric Dental Globe, the opportunity to experience physically the bi-annual meetings of the IAPD. Therefore it should be necessary that everybody could have a safe travel to ánd a safe stay in our beautiful country. As we all know, at the moment nobody can give such a guarantee for any of our countries/ continents.
We are grateful and delighted that together with us, the board of the IAPD and the Local Organizing Committee of the South African congress, were willing to take responsibility and postpone the congresses.
It is a great pleasure to inform you that the 29th IAPD Congress will now take place in Maastricht, the Netherlands, from June 14-17, 2023.
The theme of this 29th bi-annual IAPD congress will still be “JOINING FORCES IN PAEDIATRIC DENTISTRY”. Well, the IAPD has proven already that this is exactly what she stands for: we joined our forces together to take responsibility for your health and safety.
In 2021 we will meet in a “virtual environment” for the 28th Congress but in June 2023 we will be happy to meet you “real-life” in Maastricht!!! 
Stay safe, stay healthy and take care!!
Warmest regards,

Dr. M.C.M. van Gemert-Schriks 

President of the Local Organizing Committee IAPD 2023

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