Call for Nominations for Officers of the 2021-2023 IAPD Board of Directors

We wish to inform you that nominations are invited for the following positions of the IAPD Board of Directors.

  • President
  • President Elect
  • Representative for the National Member Societies (one position)

Due to the resignation of the President – Elect, the position of President is open for nominations at this time. Although all eligible IAPD members may apply for the position, the IAPD Board of Directors has decided that preference will be given to nominees that are former Past Presidents or Secretary Generals. The reasoning of this decision is that a newly elected President needs in-depth knowledge of the organization and administration issues, to enable the immediate leadership of the IAPD and running of the Association.


According to the IAPD By-Laws, nominations for new members of the Board of Directors may be made either by a National Member Society and supported by a second National Member Society or may be proposed by the Board of Directors and supported by two National Member Societies.


Nominations should be made on the Association’s nomination form (attached here). You may also request this form or any further information from the Secretariat office: [email protected].  Each nomination form should be accompanied by a letter, in which a statement is made ensuring that the nominee has sufficient knowledge of and ability to communicate in English, to contribute effectively to the work of the Board of Directors.


Nominations will be evaluated by the Nominations Committee and presented to the Board of Directors.

The Nominations Committee proposal shall be considered by the Board members, who will submit their final proposal to the Council for approval.


The submission of the nomination materials should be sent electronically to the IAPD Secretariat no later than 9 April 2021.

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