Call for Volunteers: IAPD Standing Committees 2023-2025

Call for Volunteers: IAPD Standing Committees 2023-2025

IAPD is calling on its members worldwide to make a difference in paediatric dentistry!

Submit this online form and upload your CV to apply for a 2-year volunteer period on one of the IAPD’s Standing Committees for the term 2023-2025.

The deadline for applications is 1 June 2023.

Only a limited number of applicants will be selected and notified of their appointment.

Committee members are selected on a biennial basis and the IAPD’s President is responsible for making appointments after the official IAPD Congress.

  1. Only current, individual IAPD members in good standing may volunteer to serve on one of the IAPD’s Standing Committees. Sign in to your profile to renew your membership, join the IAPD now or contact the IAPD Secretariat ([email protected]) to help you renew your membership.
  2. Minimum requirements: Committee members must have sufficient knowledge of and ability to communicate in English, access to email and internet, must be able to attend video meetings (Zoom) & must be willing to join the IAPD’s committee group on WhatsApp.
  3. All Committees shall meet during each IAPD Congress.
  4. Committees are expected to conduct virtual business meetings during the course of their term.
  5. Attendance at meetings of the respective IAPD Committee is a primary obligation of all members. Ability to fulfil this obligation should be carefully evaluated before applying to volunteer.
  6. Committee members are expected to support the Committee chair in achieving the goals and objectives of the Committee.
  7. Members may receive special assignments from the chair (related to the Committee’s objectives / tasks) and should respond promptly to assignments.
  8. Each Committee member should evaluate carefully the IAPD regulations and/or materials received during assignments and forward comments to the chair in a timely manner. For details of Standing Committee objectives & structure, please refer to Appendix IV in the Standing Orders.
  9. Developing new ideas and suggestions and the transmittal of information relating to Committee activities to other members and the chair are ongoing responsibilities of each member. This should be a spontaneous activity.

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