How to Renew Your IAPD Membership

How to Renew Your IAPD Membership

How to Renew Your Membership

#1 Click on
"Sign in to My IAPD"

Navigate to the top right corner of the IAPD home page and click on "Sign in to My IAPD"

#2 Use Your Credentials
to Enter the Member Area

You can reset your password if you forgot it. If you have any difficulty retrieving your username and password, contact the Secretariat at [email protected]

#3 Click "Renew Now"

Once you are signed into the dashboard, you should see a "Renew Now" button next to the expiry date on your profile. While you are here: update any missing personal details.

#4 Verify Your
Membership Category

At the top right, there is an option to update your membership type. For example, you can change your membership from regular individual membership to senior membership or update from postgraduate membership to regular individual membership.

#5 Long Term Individual Membership

If you want to join as a regular individual member for several years, click on "Update membership type", select "regular individual" and select the number of years that you want to join. If you have trouble, contact the Secretariat at [email protected]

#6 Enter Card Details and Place Order

Fill out the credit card details on the form. The IAPD uses "Stripe" to process online transactions. Both debit cards and credit cards are accepted.

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