IAPD 3rd Infographic | Stay Home, Stay Healthy Series

We are Here for You - IAPD 3rd Infographic

We would like to present you with the third and final infographic in the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” series to support you during the lockdown.

Like before, we are collaborating with our National Member Societies for the translations. If you would like to translate any of the infographics, please contact your National Member Society and request that they notify the IAPD Secretariat of your intent at: [email protected].

The translations of the second infographic will be published soon!

If you have sent an email to the IAPD Secretariat and received no response lately, please resend the email. We have received a notice that the Secretariat email rejected certain incoming emails. The issue has been addressed and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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