IAPD20 Virtual | 2020

 IAPD20 | Virtual

Welcome Message from the President of the IAPD

Marcelo Bönecker

Welcome Message from the Secretary General of the IAPD

Ari Kupietzky

Welcome Message from the Science Committee Chair of the IAPD

Norman Tinanoff

Orthodontic Essentials for Paediatric Dentists

Kitae Park

Management of Dental Injuries to the Periodontal & Supporting Structures Following Trauma: An Evidence-based Approach

Nikhil Srivastava

Hypomineralized Second Primary Molars

Marlies Elfrink

Better Breathing, Better Sleep: It’s Never Too Early

Stanley Liu

GA in Children: Any Concerns?

Eduardo Alcaino

Infant Oral Mutilation: The Silent Public Health/Child Abuse Issue

Arthur Kemoli

Are X-rays Still an Option in Paediatric Dentistry?

Juan F Yepes


Today’s Parenting Styles and the Etiology of Child Behavior in the Dental Setting

 Amr Moursi

Community-Based Approach to Reducing Caries

Francisco Ramos-Gomez

A Child’s Face – Looking versus Seeing

Richard Widmer

Endodontics in Young Permanent Teeth

Zafer Cehreli

Understanding Bioactivity and S-PRG Technology for Help Solving Daily Paediatric Dentistry Concerns

Daniela Rios

Keys to Practice Success

William Waggoner

From Pulp Therapy to Biological Management: My Journey through Evidence Driven Evolution of Care for Children

M Duggal

Improving Communication with New Generation Parents

Andreas Agouropoulos

Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines- Why, What, & How?

Vineet Dhar

The Understanding of Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH)

Susana Morales Uribe

Pulp Therapy for Primary Teeth

Mani Ekambaram

Learn…Re-Learn: The New Behaviour Re-Alignments

Varinder Goyal

Remineralization Versus Sealing and Infiltration: The Good and The Evil or The First and Second Line in Early Caries Management?

Falk Schwendicke

Parent Refusal of Topical Fluoride in Pediatric Dentistry: Causes, Consequences and Clinical Management

Donald Chi

Zirconia Crowns, How and When?

Jorge Casian

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