III Russian Regional Meeting – a Great Success

The III IAPD Russian Regional Meeting in Moscow

25-26 September 2018

Russia, Moscow, Crocus-Expo Exhibition centre, Red Hall

The III Russian Regional Meeting was held with great success on 25-26 September 2018 at  Crocus-Expo Exhibition centre Red Hall, attracting more than 450 participants from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Moldova, Estonia and  China and adding 450 new IAPD members to our global family. It is noteworthy that this was the third time  that such an eventtook place in Moscow (after the 2012, 2014 ones), in collaboration with our Russian colleagues. 

The III IAPD Russian Regional meeting was held in cooperation with the Dental Association of Russia, Paediatric Section of the Dental Association of Russia, A.I. Evdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry and the company “Dental Seminar”. 
The meeting provided a unique platform for paediatric dentists to get the most advanced knowledge in the field thanks to the excellent invited speakers. 
The participants of the Regional Meeting joined  the IAPD family and will ejnoy  all the benefits of this membership. In the presentation on the IAPD activities, made brilliantly by Profs. Norbert Krämer and  Anne O’Connell, they got the information about the IAPD remarkable “family”, its life, its forthcoming events, competitions, grants, electronic and print resources for professional development etc.

Within the framework of the III IAPD Russian Regional Meeting Prof. L. P. Kiselnikova, Head of the Scientific Programme, President of the IAPD Russian Society, and Dr. L. N. Drobotko, President of the Russian Section of the Dental Association of Russia, held the Awards Ceremony of the competition for the Best clinical case in the Paediatric Dental Practice among young paediatric dentists. This competition was international. The first prize won Daria Krivtsova (Volgograd, Russia). 

The III Russian IAPD Regional Meeting was a success, we had a very nice and warm feedback from our participants, they are eager to be involved in the IAPD life and gain from the ample knowledge that the IAPD promotes through all its resources. We are very grateful to Professors Larisa Kiselnikova and Liudmila Dobrodvko for the excellent organization  and to all the speakers who made an outstanding contribution to the scientific programme. 

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