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The 29th Congress of the IAPD - Celebrating the Global Gathering

The 29th Congress of the IAPD in Maastricht was an exceptional gathering that celebrated the unity and progress of the paediatric dentistry community. The event brought together over 1,400 paediatric dental professionals from 77 countries. This remarkable turnout is a testament to the shared passion for paediatric dentistry and the eagerness to learn and connect with colleagues worldwide. The diversity of attendees fostered a vibrant and enriching atmosphere, allowing for the exchange of knowledge and experiences that will shape the future of the profession.

The IAPD Board of Directors extends heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated Local Organising and Scientific Committees and Professional Congress Organizer who worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth execution of the congress. Their meticulous planning, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence created an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

This e-news will highlight a few of the unforgettable moments. 

The first IAPD Fellows were invited to the stage in Maastricht & announced in the IAPD Annual Newsletter!

The highly anticipated IAPD Annual Newsletter for the year 2023 has finally arrived, bringing with it a small but worthwhile delay in its publication: We are delighted to unveil an extraordinary new section in this edition, showcasing the first IAPD Fellows! Visit pages 11-17 now to explore them now.

The fellows are also published on IAPD’s website, here.

During the grand opening ceremony of the 29th Congress of the International Association of Pediatric Dentistry (IAPD) held in Maastricht, the IAPD Fellows present were invited to the stage to receive a symbol of their commitment and achievement: the special IAPD Fellow pin. We congratulate all Fellows for their exceptional achievement.

The IAPD Board of Directors extends heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated Local Organising and Scientific Committees and Professional Congress Organizer who worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth execution of the congress. Their meticulous planning, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence created an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

IAPD Welcomes Two New National-Member Societies

The IAPD’s Secretary General, Dr Ari Kupietzky, gracefully conducted the time-honoured roll call at the commencement of the Congress Opening Ceremony. Each country’s presence was greeted with resounding applause from the members present, celebrating the global representation within the IAPD community. After ratification at the Council meeting, the IAPD proudly welcomed two new additions to its family of National-Member Societies:


The Libyan Association of Community and Pediatric Dentistry


The Moroccan Pediatric Dentistry Association

With the inclusion of these new members, the IAPD now boasts an impressive roster of 80 National-Member Societies, a testament to its growing global reach and influence in 2023.

IAPD Volunteers Never Rest! IAPD Board and Council Meetings

The IAPD Board meeting on 13 June was marked by rigorous planning and dedicated efforts as board members engaged in decision-making to advance the association’s mission. Their expertise and time were devoted to shaping the future direction, ensuring excellence in promoting oral health for children worldwide.

The subsequent Council Meeting gathered 75 country representatives who voted on significant matters, with the meeting concluded by a warm reception. Recognized as a crucial component of the IAPD’s operational framework, the Council Meeting provides a platform for country representatives to cast their votes on significant matters concerning the association’s trajectory.

Gratitude is extended to the Secretary General, Dr. Ari Kupietzky, for his meticulous preparations that facilitated the meeting’s smooth and productive proceedings.

The Extraordinary Scientific Programme of the Congress

The congress featured a diverse and captivating scientific program spanning four days (including enticing pre-congress workshops), offering participants a wealth of knowledge and fostering collaboration among experts. From early childhood caries to technological advancements, each day explored critical topics, leaving attendees inspired and equipped to enhance paediatric oral healthcare globally.

Fostering Smiles and Fun: The Balloon Workshop

The Young IAPD Network organized a delightful balloon folding workshop at the congress, fulfilling the Secretary General’s long-standing dream of introducing this joyful and valuable skill to the IAPD. Participants embraced the activity, recognizing its practical application in behavior management and the smiles it brings to young patients. This workshop showcased the unwavering commitment of paediatric dentists to create a cheerful and vibrant environment where joy, laughter, and wonder flourish. The President of the Dutch Society participated too!

We Congratulate The IAPD Award Winners

A heartfelt thank you to Colgate for supporting the Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Award and to all the supporters of the IAPD 2023 Awards: Elevate Oral Care, NuSmile and the Morita Corporation, respectively.

Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Award by Colgate

BSBF Award Winner:
Alice Grasveld (The Netherlands)
Project title: A participatory action research to improve children’s oral health in Mamba village, Kenya Netherlands

BSBF Award Finalists:
Rosa Tarragó-Gil (Spain)
Project title: Stop Sugar Stop Cavities Health Promotion Program

South African Association of Paediatric Dentistry
Project Title: Outreach Projects of the SAAPD from 2009 up to current – and future projects

Bengt Magnusson Award

Bengt Magnusson Award Winner:
Vanessa Cho (Australia)
Essay Title: Visual Attention to Food Cues and Dental Caries – Are They Associated?

Paediatric Dentistry Working Group Bursary

Paediatric Dentistry Working Group Bursary Recipients:

Yewande Isabella Adeyemo (Nigeria)
Abstract title: Knowledge And Practice of Pulp Therapies in The Primary Dentition Among Paediatric Dentists and Paediatric Dentistry Senior Residents in Nigeria.

Chioma Nzomiwu (Nigeria)
Title: Comparative assessment of traumatic dental injuries pre-covid and during COVID-19 pandemic among children attending a tertiary health care facility

Sam Harris Travel Bursary

Sam Harris Travel Bursary Recipients:

Sharath Asokan (India)
Title: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Factors Related to Oral Health in South Indian Children – An Analytical Cross-Sectional Study

Randa Yassin (Egypt)
Title: Comparison of silver diamine fluoride versus sodium fluoride varnish combined with motivational interviewing for caries arrest in primary anterior teeth: a randomized clinical trial

Ibiyemi Oduyemi (Nigeria)
Title: Effect of audiovisual distraction using video eyeglasses on children’s behaviour during dental treatment


Jens O. Anderson Awards

Kate Kenny (UK)

Abstract title: Developing a Minimum Dataset for Traumatic Dental Injuries – User Testing

Morita Awards

Morita Research Award Winner:
Caitlin Hurley (Australia)
Abstract title: Speaking of Teeth, Are They Vital for Speech?

Morita Case Report Award Winner:
Stephanie Shields (Australia)
Abstract title: Endodontic Management in Child Receiving Haematopoitic Stem Cell Transplant: A Case Report

Morita Research Award Winner:
Stephanie Shields (Australia)
Abstract title: Endodontic Management in Child Receiving Haematopoitic Stem Cell Transplant: A Case Report

NuSmile Awards

NuSmile Research Award Winner:

Senem Selvi-Kuvvetli (Türkiye)
Abstract title: Evaluation of Clinical Success and Parental Satisfaction of Two Different Prefabricated Zirconia Crowns Used in The Restoration of Primary Molars.

NuSmile Case Report Award Winner:
Vera Soviero (Brazil)
Abstract title: Hall Technique in Hypomineralized Permanent Molars: 2 to 3.5 Years of Follow Up Case Series.

Productive in Person Meetings at the IAPD Congress

During the congress, key association meetings took place, involving representatives from various dental organizations. Noteworthy collaborations included discussions between IAPD and CAPD representatives, highlighting future partnerships. Additionally, the meeting between the IAPD and BSPD emphasized their strong collaboration in publishing the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry. Productive exchanges occurred between the PDAA and IAPD, while the signing of an MOU between the World Federation of Orthodontists and IAPD marked a significant milestone in fostering global scientific exchange. Meetings with AAPD and the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry further contributed to the advancement of paediatric dentistry worldwide.

Introducing the IAPD Board 2023-2025

We are thrilled to announce and extend our heartfelt welcome to the newly appointed IAPD Board of Directors for the term 2023-2025.

Thank you to each and every volunteer and Board member who contributed to the success of the association over the course of the last two years. A special thanks to the Board members who completed their term:


James Crall (USA) – Editor

Young J. Kim (South Korea) – Representative for National-Members Societies 2021-2023

Marietjie Weakley (South Africa) – Representative for National-Members Societies 2021-2023


Marcelo Boenecker (Brazil) – Immediate Past President 2021-2023

We are confident that the IAPD will continue to flourish in the years to come. The Board of Directors remains committed to maintaining the momentum and ensuring that the consistent efforts of the IAPD are sustained. With the association’s continued expansion into regions that were previously uncharted territory, it is evident that the IAPD serves as the global voice for children’s oral health, amplifying its impact on a global scale.

Together, we have accomplished great things, and we eagerly anticipate the bright future that lies ahead for our beloved association.

The IAPD Global Leaders Forum

The IAPD Global Leaders Forum, a platform for international leaders of pediatric dentistry, convened at the 2023 congress, featuring esteemed representatives Dominique Declerck (EAPD), Pattarawadee Leelataweewud (PDAA), Carolina Medina Díaz (ALOP), and Amr Moursi (AAPD). Led by IAPD’s president Jorge Castillo, the interactive session explored collaboration, attracting new dentists, and addressing oral health inequalities. The forum’s discussions shaped the future of pediatric dentistry, thanks to valuable insights and support from Colgate. This forum exemplifies the strength of collective wisdom and collaboration in addressing crucial challenges in our profession.

Celebrating Anthony Tsai: Honorary Member of IAPD

Anthony Tzong Ping Tsai, a prominent figure in paediatric dentistry, has been nominated as an Honorary Member of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry (IAPD) at the 29th Congress in Maastricht. With an illustrious background as a founding member and past president of the Taiwan Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the nomination as Honorary Member is a well-deserved recognition of his exceptional achievements and dedication to paediatric dentistry, and the IAPD expresses gratitude for his ongoing service and contributions.

JSPD selected to Host the 2027 IAPD Congress in Osaka, Japan

Congratulations to the Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry for winning the bid to host the 2027 IAPD congress. We have no doubt that the JSPD will deliver an outstanding congress, showcasing the best of Japanese paediatric dentistry while providing a valuable platform for global collaboration and professional growth.

Thank you Message from the LOC Chair &

See you in Cape Town South Africa in 2025

We conclude a very successful IAPD Congress with this message from the President of the Local Organizing Committee IAPD 2023, Martine van Gemert-Schriks and a warm welcome to our next Congress from 22-25 October 2025 in Cape Town, South Africa!

Upcoming IAPD National-Member Society Events

CAPD/ACDP - AAPD 2023 Joint Conference in  Montréal, Canada

21 - 23 September 2023
Montréal, Canada
Language: English
The Joint Conference theme for 2023 is “Embracing Facial Differences by Harnessing the Power of Interdisciplinary Teams“. The Joint CAPD/ACDP – AAPD Scientific Committee along with the CAPD/ACDP National Annual Conference Committee, and the Local Organizing Committee chaired by Dr. Patrick Canonne, have prepared an amazing weekend filled with outstanding educational courses, renowned speakers, and exciting social events.

FDI World Dental Congress 2023 | Sydney, Australia

24 - 27 September 2023
FDI & Australian Dental Association
Language: English
The World Dental Congress (WDC) is a flagship event for FDI, strengthening ties and fostering collaboration within the global oral health community.

39° Curso Magno | Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo, México

18-21 October 2023
Mexican Academy of Paediatric Dentistry
Language: English
Key Speakers: Dr John Featherstone (EUA), Dr Ahmed Shawky (EGYPT), Dr Yasmi O´Crystal (EUA), Dr Monty Duggal (INDIA-UK). Dr Paulo Nelson (BRAZIL) and Dr Sophie Doméjean (France)

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