Special Announcement: IAPD Fellowship is Underway!

Special Announcement: IAPD Fellowship is Underway!

We are very excited to announce that IAPD have entered into a partnership with LOW Academy to help us create and manage our new IAPD Fellowship Exam in Paediatric Dentistry! The IAPD Fellowship in Paediatric Dentistry will be administered and governed by the IAPD Fellowship Examination Committee. The fellowship will open to IAPD members in good standing and will be designed to test knowledge, and as such forms part of the overall assessment training. Paediatric dentists earn fellow status based on education, licensure and successful completion of the qualifying examination. LOW Academy’s talented team will be providing all the marketing, operations, and secretariat services to make this exam a huge success. Keep an eye on IAPD’s website for an update soon!

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