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IAPD Webinars | 2024

 IAPD Webinars 2024 | Virtual Towards Child-Friendly Dental Care: Assessing the Current Landscape and Enhancing Future Practices Waraf Al-yaseen Emergency Management of Tooth

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IAPD Webinars | 2023

 IAPD Webinars 2023 | Virtual Yes ! Believe me, it is time to abandon the lead!!! Juan F. Yepes Research methods for environmental

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IAPD Webinars | 2022

 IAPD Webinars 2022| Virtual Understanding the role of sugars and diet in caries; Implications for its management  Rodrigo Giacaman The challenges and rewards

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IAPD Webinars | 2021

 IAPD Webinars 2021 | Virtual Paediatric OSA Role of the Dentist Carlos Flores Mir UNICEF Child Poverty, Social Protection and Inclusive Recovery Turning

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IAPD Webinars | 2020

 IAPD Webinars 2020 | Virtual Caries Risk Assessment and Care Pathways Norman Tinanoff Worldwide Context of Eerly Childhood Caries Norman Tinanoff COVID-19

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IAPD Congress | Virtual | 2021

 IAPD Congress 2021 | Virtual Paradigm Shifts in Caries Management Falk Schwendicke Fluoride – Global Consideration Katerina Kavvadia Panel Discussion, Is the

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IAPD20 Virtual | 2020

 IAPD20 | Virtual Welcome Message from the President of the IAPD Marcelo Bönecker Welcome Message from the Secretary General of the IAPD Ari

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IAPD Congress | Cancun, Mexico | 2019

 IAPD Congress 2019 | Cancun, Mexico IAPD Global Leaders’ Forum Kevin Donly IAPD Global Leaders’ Forum Alexandra Lipari IAPD Global Leaders’ Forum

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