Young J Kim is a professor at the Seoul National University. He is the chair of the department of Pediatric Dentistry and the vice President of the University Dental Hospital. He was formerly the president of Seoul dental hospital for the disabled. He is now the secretary general of KAPD (Korean academy of pediatric dentistry), president-elect of KADH (Korean associations for disability and oral health) as well as and AADOH (Asia Association for Disability and Oral Health).
He is a member of IADH (International association for the disability and oral health) international committee and education committee as well. He received dental degree (DDS, MSD, PhD) from Seoul National University and worked for the advanced research at UCLA. After dental school, Dr. Kim completed residency of pediatric dentistry and now board-certified pediatric dentist. He worked for military service as a captain. He then returned to Seoul National University and became a faculty with tenure. He gave lots of invited lectures for the numerous conference and dental societies for various countries. His research focus is cariology in modern dentistry and special care dentistry for children.
He volunteered for several mission trips to provide dental care to underserved populations in Uganda, Mongolia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Peru etc. Dr. Kim continues to provide lectures and hands on program for dental societies in developing countries with a focus on caries prevention and special needs dentistry. He published more than 200 papers and textbooks of Pediatric Dentistry and Special Care Dentistry.