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May e-News

IAPD Annual Newsletter – Now Available We hope that you will enjoy looking back at the last year and that the reports and photos from

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April e-News

Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Webinars! We continue to support you during the lockdown. In the coming week, we are presenting TWO exciting webinars! Register in

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March e-News

A Message from the President and Secretary General Join us for one of the most exciting events of 2020! Dear IAPD member, As you know,

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February e-News

IAPD Strategy Meeting The month of February marks a new development for the IAPD: the IAPD Executive Committee met during an intensive 2-day strategy workshop

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January e-News

IAPD 2nd Global Summit in collaboration with the Taiwan Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Join us for one of the most exciting events of 2020! The

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December e-News

Pediatric Dentistry Loses Two Founders of Modern Pediatric Dentistry in One Month Pediatric Dentistry has lost two founders of modern pediatric dentistry in one month,

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November e-News

In Memoriam: Professor Gerald Z. Wright The International Association of Paediatric Dentistry mourns the passing of one of its most prominent leaders, Professor Gerald Z.

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October e-News

ACFF Global Expert Panel Meeting The IAPD is proud to announce that our Secretary General, Dr Ari Kupietzky, participated at the annual ACFF Global Expert

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July e-News

Thank you for Attending the Congress Thank you for Attending the Congress We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you who

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